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GhostVillage News
Ghost research, evidence, and discussion
  • St. Augustine Lighthouse Apparition
    Witness: Betty Green Hansen Location: St. Augustine, Florida Date of Encounter: August 18, 2016, 9:15 PM I participated in the St. Augustine
  • The Door Slammed on Me
    Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request] Location: Northeast Ohio Date of Encounter: September 1, 1985 In 1985, I was working in an old
  • Never Neverland: The Darker Side
    Staying true to our recent theme of folklore, childhood tales, and exaggerations of truth, I wanted to highlight a recent spotlighted fairytale.
  • Three Balls of Light in My Room
    Witness: Jen Smith Location: Lincoln, Rhode Island Date of Encounter: July 1, 1980 My first experience with something, I was just about
  • Our Cursed House
    Witness: [Name Withheld Upon Request] Location: Springfield, Ohio Date of Encounter: August 3, 2008 We moved into a house in Springfield, Ohio,
  • Where Are the Naked Ghosts?
    Why aren’t ghosts naked? Not to worry… isn’t going “blue” this month. And we’re not turning into that kind of Web
  • An Evil Presence During Our Parents’ Divorce
    Witness: Danny Osborn Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Date of Encounter: February 1978 My twin brother and I would go stay the weekends
  • The Third Eye Connection
    One question I frequently get asked is to explain something fascinating that I have experienced working as a forensic psychologist in the
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When trying to decipher the clues of the paranormal, it's important to take into consideration all natural explanations for events. While we do not discount nor distrust any feelings you might have about possible paranormal activity in your location, we recommend objectivity at all times. By stepping back and thoroughly considering all non-paranormal causes for the activity, we can better address your concerns, and help you feel comfortable in your location.


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