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East Coast Research and Investigation of the Paranormal is made up of dedicated professionals with specific skills that make them assets to paranormal investigation. Currently, ECRIP has members with skill sets in engineering, photography, psychology, technical equipment, environmental phenomena and historical research/genealogy. These skills provide us with a solid background to be able to research and investigate to provide real world answers to potential paranormal activity. Once we have ruled out all the natural explanations, we can confidently get behind a paranormal explanation of a phenomenon.

"Paranormal" can be defined as: outside the normal;  can refer to events that are unexplainable;  an event or activity that does not have a definitive cause.

Our goal is not to prove a location is haunted. We strive to, through scientific means, provide an answer to all active phenomenon with real world explanations. If we cannot provide a natural explanation for an event, then we have potential evidence of paranormal activity. So, our goal is to disprove until we find empirical evidence to the contrary.

We take great care in researching and investigating. We want to find paranormal evidence, but wanting to find evidence is not the same thing as investigating for paranormal evidence.

If you are experiencing something as yet unexplainable, and you don't know who to call, call us. We strive to seek out and provide the service(s) that will be the most beneficial to you, and all are 100% no-cost, and guaranteed professional and confidential.

Each member of our team shares a passion for the field, as well as a belief in the possibility of the paranormal that is tempered with a healthy skepticism. 

That's why we are the ones to call when you don't know who to call.



Spencer, Co-founder, Director of Operations


Spencer brings fifteen plus years of photographic experience -both behind the camera and in the darkroom- and a background in RF electronics to ECRIP. An interest in electronics and electronic gadgets along with a desire to learn how things work led to many things being taken apart when he was a child. RF electronics training in the USMC gave him a strong attention to detail and a 'work smarter not harder' resourcefulness. Knowledge of audio/video systems, electronics and basic home maintenance gives him the tools to be grounded while open-minded. He has always had a fascination with the paranormal along with a fascination for science and technology. Although raised in the Northern VA area, he has also lived in Southern California and Central Illinois and currently lives outside Philadelphia, PA with his wife.

Follow Spencer on Twitter!  ECRIP_Spencer. You can also listen to Spencer's interview on XM Radio's Broadminded!   **NOTE: Interview contains adult language and content.**


Kerri, Co-founder, Director of Communications


Originally from Anne Arundel County, Kerri currently resides in Rockville, Maryland. She has had an extensive interest in the paranormal and is enthusiastic about contributing to this growing research field. For more than eight years, Kerri's professional focus has been in computer configurations and program management with Hewlett-Packard, where her responsibilities include extensive research and often serving as a team lead. Kerri has recently received a B.A. in psychology from UMBC at Shady Grove, and is interning with the Montgomery County Police Department, assisting with officer training that focuses primarily on educating them about mental illness and the community. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys traveling and is an avid sports fan.


Kim, Co-founder, Technical Director


Kim is a communications and design specialist in the DC metro area, and brings to ECRIP an extensive background in photography, film, and audio research and production. Her expertise in identifying aberrations in film negatives and photo print development, and her more recent research in identifying manipulations of digital media, are the result of more than fifteen years' experience with both traditional film photography and digital media. In her minimal spare time, Kim is a rabid soccer fan (and mediocre player), part-time writer/artist/musician, and all-around nerd. If you're looking for a 100% objective, science-based and possibly disappointing review of your "weird" photos or audio, send them to Kim!


Dawn, Public Relations


Dawn comes to ECRIP with an innate curiosity for how and why things work. She brings to the team a background in religious studies, a current position in behavior health, and dreams of becoming an electrophysiologist. Dawn's interest in unconventional themed subject matter began at a very young age with a fixation on the concept of nothingness. In her free time you will find her doing research into religion, mysticism, physics, psychology and most specifically where all those subjects intersect. After settling in the District in 2003, she has become an active member of her community.


Chris, Tech & Data Manager


With a varied background in most things technical and audiovisual, and professional experience in network and digital photography support, multimedia development, and photojournalism, Chris brings to ECRIP a wide range of skills. Chris's  educational background is in multimedia arts and foreign language. He became interested in paranormal research for a more interesting and challenging application of his technical skills. In his spare time, Chris collects old vinyl records. He lives in Prince William County, VA with his wife and 2 kids.


Mike, Provisional Investigator-in-Training


Mike has a background of over fifteen years in architecture, planning, and sustainable design. He brings to the team his knowledge of local planning, building layouts, and mapping. Mike currently works in Silver Spring as a planner coordinator for Montgomery County. His education and specialties include, architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and sustainable design. Mike is passionate about the scientific research of the paranormal and is enthusiastic to contribute to the field. In his spare time, Mike likes to visit local and regional towns to further enjoy their distinct characteristics, history, and wineries.


Regina, Provisional Investigator-in-Training


Regina is one of our newest members. Her Interest and curiosity in the paranormal was sparked by personal experiences as a young child. She is excited to learn all that she can about the paranormal field. Regina also has an interest in photography and when she is not enjoying time with her 3 beautiful children, she is out capturing wonderful photographs with her significant other.

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