Private Residence in Maryland

We collected these audio clips at a private residence in which the owners believe the spirit of a young girl lives with them.

Clip 1: The clip was recorded during an audio session with Dawn and Carolyn. The anomaly occurs at 7.5-8 seconds into the clip.


Clips 2 and 3: These two clips were recorded on different recorders during the same audio session. Chris is by himself playing with some children's toys during the session. The anomaly occurs at 22 seconds and 7-8 seconds into the clips respectively.

Private Residence in Washington, DC

Clips 1 and 2: While we were doing our baseline EMF readings prior to starting this investigation, two investigators were discussing an odd EMF reading they were getting. These two clips take place during that discussion. These clips are part of the same time frame, so you will hear similar dialogue.

Clip 3: This video clip includes an audio anomaly and the investigators reaction to hearing it at the time.

Claremont Town Hall

We did a public seminar and investigation of the Claremont Town Hall in Claremont, Virginia. Then, ECRIP did a staff-only investigation of the building.

Clip 1: This audio clip was recorded at the tail end of the public investigation portion of the seminar. The seminar participants involved, led by an ECRIP staff member, had moved from the basement to the auditorium, where this clip was recorded on an ECRIP team member's digital audio recorder.


Clip 2: After the public seminar, ECRIP conducted a staff-only investigation of Claremont Town Hall. Investigators left a digital audio recorder in a girl's bathroom stall in the basement of the building to record continuous, unaccompanied data. Though you will hear investigator conversation in the distant background, there were no individuals in the near vicinity of the stationary audio recorder when this clip was recorded.


Clip 3: This clip was recorded during an EVP session conducted by ECRIP staff in an upstairs classroom after the public investigation. The investigators present report they did not hear it at the time. In data review, ECRIP staff had varied interpretations of what may be present in this clip. Listen carefully!


Clip 4: This clip was recorded on a digital camcorder as ECRIP staff settled in an upstairs classroom to conduct an EVP session. Though a majority of the ECRIP team located this anomaly without suggestive direction or file manipulation, some did not. We therefore recommend you listen carefully!

Clip 5: During a staff-only EVP session in an upstairs classroom, two ECRIP investigators used singing as a potential trigger activity (i.e., in an attempt to elicit interaction from possible paranormal entities). After much discussion and many recreation attempts by ECRIP staff, and after consulting the property owners for their own insight and analysis, ECRIP still cannot pinpoint and/or identify the cause of this audio anomaly.


Brentsville Public Ghost Hunt

We have found two clips of video that we are able to share. The difficult part of collecting data during a public investigation is that we don't know where everyone is nor do we recognize individual voices.  We had to dismiss many potential clips because we couldn't be sure it wasn't someone in a different area of the building.

Clip 1: You will hear Kerri and two participants in the ghost hunt. The footsteps you will hear are accounted for. Any other sounds reportedly heard were not specifically identified.

Clip 2: There is a group of participants at the top of the stairs in the Jail. We have no explanation for the anomalous sound reportedly heard, although it could be someone's stomach.

During a recent private residence case, Spencer and Kerri show the equipment hazards involved in trying to get an entity to interact with investigators.