May include but are not limited to:

  • Interviews with witnesses/family members and historical research of the property.
  • Initial walk-through to look for non-paranormal explanations.
  • Consultation on current activity and potential explanations.
  • If warranted, investigation(s) of claims.  Several may be required.
  • Full review with the client of all potential paranormal phenomenon and explanations of all non-paranormal phenomenon.  If applicable, copies of all pertinent data collected will be provided.
  • Referrals to help alleviate any issues found.
  • Follow-up interviews and periodic check-ups to ensure satisfaction of client.

Important things to keep in mind:

We do not investigate graveyards. Despite the idea that burial sites would be the most likely place to encounter disembodied spirits, there is currently no evidence in the paranormal research field that "ghosts" are any more common in graveyards than in any other location.

Not all consultations or walk-throughs will result in an official team investigation. Our analysis of each case begins at first contact, and we follow a specific set research/investigative steps prior to arranging a full on-site investigation. Our goal is to help the client with events they cannot explain. There are times that we are able to put the client at ease without doing a full-on investigation.

Not all investigations will be conducted at night. Not all reported activity occurs after sundown, and there is as yet no solid scientific research to indicate that paranormal activity will not occur in daylight. Some cases may warrant a daytime, late evening, or even morning investigation, depending on the specifics of that case.

We do not use mediums or sensitives. The ECRIP team is a science-based research group, and our investigation protocol requires quantifiable and/or verifiable data collection in accordance with the standard rules of all scientific research endeavors.

We do not perform location clearings or other spiritual/religious cleansings. Should a client request a clearing, a referral will be offered.

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